Q: You have a beautiful face and a seemingly wonderful personality but the way you talk about Dylan is fucking adorable.

You’re so sweet anon. It’s rare that I get nice stuff like this.
But yeah Dill is very important person in my life and has been for almost a year, I’ve never been happier.

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Q: Who's Dylan?

The person I choose to love and appreciate as a whole.

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I ended up having a really shitty night, my best friend was being shady as shit and I saw old friends that are legit not good at all. I was way to fucking sad because of it and left to Dills. Legit the highlight of my night was the great sex I had, everything fucking sucked/sucks.

Dylan’s not answering his phone which is making me sad because I’m way needy/horny today and just wanna love him down all day.